South Carolina Pioneers

Ancestor Videos about Southern Families

Many of the traced genealogies available to Members of South Carolina Pioneers have family videos of family members, plantations, origins, family crests, etc. dating back to ca 1300 for your further entertainment.

Ancestor Videos

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South Carolina History (videos)

Boone Hall Plantation, Charleson
Boone Hall Gardens
Map of the Beaufort River to Parris Island
  • Map of Cooper River near Charleston
    Port Royal

    Videos of Traced Families
    1. Adair
    2. Boggs
    3. Chastain
    4. Izard
    5. Jungblut/Youngblood
    6. Keith
    7. Lawton
    8. Liddell
    9. Memminger
    10. Peronneau

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